Collection: I Feel You

This project started as a personal grieving exercise. When my brother died suddenly from complications related to COVID and an underlying lung condition, I was left struggling to cope. Art has always been an outlet for me, so I began creating simple illustrations to work through my feelings and express them in a tangible way. Many family members and friends stated that the illustrations helped them identify their own feelings and work through grief.

There were also a few who asked if they could share the illustrations with their loved ones who were also grieving. After some consideration, I decided to publish a little book of the illustrations. The book is called “I Feel You” and it is not an inspirational or how-to book. It is just a collection of my own struggle with grief, captured in simple and minimalist illustrations. I believe that the simplicity of the drawings makes them very accessible and gives people an opportunity to have an empathetic experience through someone else’s shared grief.

Grief is a very personal experience. Each person is impacted differently, often depending on life experiences, past trauma and access to support. Some people who are mourning a loss may not be able to identify their own needs or articulate the emotions with which they may be struggling. As an adult, I had the opportunity to receive therapy and counseling for my own childhood trauma. This experience has helped me to work through the emotional impact of my own loss through art. It is my hope this book is helpful, or at least the very least, lets you know that you’re not alone.

These apparel items are based on select illustrations from this project.